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There is training and there is Kore Personal training!
Try our science based small group training sessions either way it ensures your goals are being met.

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6:00 am - 7:00 am
September 1, 2015

Get in & Get out! More "ME" time

Don't sweat the details of your workout -- your perspiration can be put to better use. When you arrive for a class at Kore, you can be completely confident you'll work with an expert devoted to helping you stay motivated as you crunch, spin, squat, and run toward your fitness goals. The best news is that we have introduced 30 minute classes. For that busy person who wants to get in and out and be guaranteed a strong workout and results. For more information click here

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Matthew maimo2 years ago I noticed and was told I was getting a little too big for my age, and that if I didn't change many issues could of risen. I was unfit, unhealthy and hated doing physi-cal activity. A good friend of mine showed me to kore wellness and ever since then I have worked my but off, I'm Just showing everybody how far I've come into transform-ing my lifestyle into becoming a better and healthier me. A lot of hard work and dedica-tion has gone into making a change and it's all paid off! Well done Matthew, you have done an amazing job!!! Keep up the great work… Kore-Wellness management.
Matthew Maimo