Class which aims to strengthen your core through gentle exercise & controlled breathing. Aids in improving posture and is also great for rehabilitating injuries and building strength. Pilates improves postural awareness and core strength. Beat Pilates is a combination of typical Pilates moves combined with cardio and strength the latest top 40 tracks. A fun alternative to your usual Pilates class rou-tine.

Find Pilates in Taylors Lakes

If you are looking for reliable Pilates in Taylors Lakes, you have come to the right people. Kore Fitness & Swim Centre offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and exceptional services to help you in attaining long, healthy and happy life. We are totally dedicated and committed toward your fitness and well-being.

Pilates Key to Health & Well-being

At our Pilates class we aim at strengthening your core through controlled breathing and gentle exercise. Pilates is useful in enhancing your posture and works wonders in building strength and rehabilitating injuries. Pilates enhances core strength and postural awareness. Beat Pilates is a wonderful mix of classical Pilates moves along with strength and cardio. This is definitely a great alternative to routine Pilates. Kore Fitness is the place to head for enjoyable Pilates in Taylor Lakes. Our mission is to promote health and well-being of all those who come in contact with us. We are known for providing unmatched customer care that is the reason why we are way ahead of competition.

Top Grade Services

Come to Kore for the best Pilates in Taylors Lakes. We provide great opportunity to you and your family to achieve fitness amidst a truly fun and supportive ambiance. We offer highly personalized services and allow each one of you to workout at your own convenience and pace. We take immense pride in our fully qualified and highly dedicated staff who would be guiding you every step of the way and catering to all your individual/ unique requirements. We have tremendous goodwill in the market thanks to our caring and genuine approach to health, fitness and rehabilitation. The incredible range of classes, the professionalism, friendliness and expertise of our instructors combined with the truly relaxing and serene ambiance make Kore Fitness & Swim Centre stand out from the rest.

Highest Level of Customer Service

We are completely client-oriented and we strive relentlessly to make sure that each and every one is able to attain his or her fitness goals. All our workouts are fully customized and personalised as per unique requirements of individual clients. Here at Kore Fitness, you would be taught new stuff all the time and you would be facing new fitness challenges, a new fitness target to achieve so that you never lose interest as your body gets to learn and experience something new all the time.

Highly Skilled Staff

Kore Fitness & Swim Centre provides the best Pilates in Taylors Lakes thanks to a truly devoted team of fitness trainers, who work hard toward making sure that each and every client is able to realize his or her maximum potential. The fully qualified and accredited team of trainers are highly motivated, passionate, enthusiastic and positive and help you achieve all your fitness aspirations. Our trainers are consistently upgrading themselves to stay abreast with the latest in the industry.

Our Mission

At Kore Fitness we strive to offer the best Pilates class at the most competitive rates. We provide superlative quality instruction, personalized programs, convenient class timings and great amenities. Our mission is to help you train smartly with minimum effort, but get maximum benefit from the class.

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