Latest Fitness Trends

2016 is here and we need to take a sneak peek at the growing fitness trends. Every year we see the launch of trendy programs that come with promises of great outcomes. This year too, you would be witnessing a wide range of innovative fitness products and fitness programs. However, there are certain aspects that would still be like before, for example, the undisputed role of fitness instructors or the contribution of personal trainers or the popularity of group fitness classes. Fitness fads are supposed to come and then go. However, the real trends are those that demonstrate the true evolution of exercise.

Here are some of the trends you would be witnessing throughout this year.

The Fitness Industry Would Be Dominated by the Wearable Tech

All of us are tempted by the fancy fitness tech. Sales of wearable devices worldwide have gone up by 163% last year and is expected to go on climbing through 2016. GPS and heart-rate monitors are becoming really popular and so are accelerometers and step counters.

More and more individuals are down with obesity, diabetes and numerous other obesity-related chronic health conditions. So this year all kinds of innovative wearable tech devices such as the smartwatch or the fitness tracker would be dominating the fitness scene. People are becoming obsessed with the idea that tracking heart rate, activity level, sleep and even nutrition would be impacting the overall health and well-being positively.

These innovative wearable tech or the tracking devices are proving to be quite beneficial for all those people who are fighting with chronic diseases. Wearable tech is the need of the hour. They effectively track numerous aspects of your day to day life and they are perfect for 24×7 complete accountability. These tech devices would smartly monitor heart rate, miles run, steps taken, sleep patterns, stairs climbed, workouts and many other things. The primary objective of wearable tech is to motivate people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Great Comeback for Body-weight Training

Body weight training would be given major importance this year as per fitness gurus. Of course, sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups never ever went out of fashion, but they are coming back this year with an enhanced style sense. You are now witnessing a definite switch over to basic bodyweight movements, which are creative and extremely effective when they are programmed smartly.  Body-weight training is actually, the minimalist way to physical fitness. You would focus more on stuff like squat jumps, pull-ups, push-ups and even burpees. This is pretty convenient as it requires no equipment.

More Emphasis on Strength Training

Strength training is all about building the muscles. The muscles should be robust and strong enough to generate force and tackle any kind of physical object. Strength training is nothing but doing exercises for strengthening the musculoskeletal system. This year is going to witness strength training dominating your lives in a big way.

Growing Popularity for Group Fitness

Gyms, as well as, fitness clubs would be focussing more on group fitness. Group personal training would be gaining in popularity as the year progresses. An experienced and fully certified personal trainer would be instructing a group of two or three people. Group fitness training is quite cost-effective. Group fitness would be fostering a spirit of teamwork, commitment, camaraderie, and complete dedication. Join the group fitness in Taylors Lakes and stay motivated.

Boom in Wellness Tourism

According to the latest studies and reports, it was revealed that wellness tourism is definitely on the rise. Hotels, resorts, and vacations that are offering spa and fitness services are growing by more than 50% faster than the entire tourism sector in general. Luxurious health clubs and spas are having a booming business.

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