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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Is much more than training with weights. This program has been designed to offer 4 x individual formats referred to as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta. Each class has its own muscle grouping (and format), which provides a variety of training goals such as strength, stamina, toning of the muscles and the potential to burn lots of calories. Radical Power also has a cardio version, which combines simple athletic aerobic tracks incorporated into the training with weights. Radical Power classes are a challenging and rewarding workout with weights and or cardio. Now you can have the power to succeed.

A program where you are jumping on a mini trampoline for 55mins. It enables extreme intense training, with ZERO impact and no damage to the participants’ joints, with an output of around 1000 calories per session. Ubound benefits the lymphatic system, favoring toxin release. It is a very simple, effective and extremely fun style of training.

This is the most modern and revolutionary local muscle training program ever! This excellent system combines moves that use the participants own body weight as resistance with various stimuli and props that help accommodate training intensity. X55 is 55 mins of extreme energy and intensity providing participants with the ideal workout for fat burning and maximum definition of all body muscles. This class will definitely work your thighs and gluts.

Top Ride is the best indoor cycling program. It has been specially created to cater to the most demanding requirements of all cycling lovers. Delivering a 45 minute aerobic training, the highly varied, fun and motivating TOP RIDE sessions will help you burn fat, re-lease stress quickly and effectively. You will tone up your gluts, legs and improve your cardio circulatory and respiratory systems remarkably. TOP RIDE is based on real road and mountain biking techniques offering participants the possibility of living each session as a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Built on the fundamentals of Pilates and Yoga this exercise program will help you enhance your flexibility and mobility through a series of harmonious and flowing movements that are intimately connected to breathing. This is done by relaxing your body and your mind to the sound of gentle, soothing music, you will be able to connect with your inner self, achieving a state of peace and serenity.

If you are willing to experience the energy gained at punching and kicking for real, then KIMAX is just the training program you were waiting for. KIMAX is practiced with an exclusively designed standing bag. It incorporates rounds of Boxing, Muay Thai, and kick boxing techniques through simple yet intense and dynamic combinations. In between these exciting rounds, aerobic exercises are introduced for recovery and muscle strengthening. Kimax closely resembles contact with a true opponent thus teaching participants self defence tactics.

Factor F, offers an intense format which combines simple exercises using suspension ropes, kettle bells, battle ropes and lots more. This includes your own body weight. Different muscle groups are involved at the same time, which results in a considerable metabol-ic increase and improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity. This is an effective, dynamic and fast strategy. 35 Minute class.

A Cross-fit style class, which is a strength and conditioning program that increases endurance, strength and power while working on your weaknesses using functional movements , Olympic lifts, gymnastics and combines this into high intensity varied work outs! 45 minutes to and Hour.

Class which aims to strengthen your core through gentle exercise & controlled breathing. Aids in improving posture and is also great for rehabilitating injuries and building strength. Pilates improves postural awareness and core strength. Beat Pilates is a combination of typical Pilates moves combined with cardio and strength the latest top 40 tracks. A fun alternative to your usual Pilates class rou-tine.

This is a low impact water based aerobics program using props and aids. Designed for people with injuries and mobility issues but still a great cardio work out.

Have fun with this program that delivers greater health, strength and mobility for our senior members. Not only will you enjoy the fun experience of keeping fit but will also meet great friends over a cup of tea in the cafe. Live longer and stronger!

Circuit, Cardio & Boxing! What else could you need? This class allows you to release your stress and work you with a range of in-tense and dynamic moves. BYO Gloves.

Regular practice brings greater flexibility, good health and peace of mind. Classes are suitable for all levels from beginners up. This class will help you to relax and work deep core stability muscles while working balance and posture.

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