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If you’re looking for variety in your workouts then take a peek into our group exercise sessions, we offer a wide range of classes to suit all fitness levels…..

While others are teaching group fitness ordinary, Kore has made group fitness the extraordinary.

Our group fitness at Kore surpasses all others. We run over 50 classes a week and classes run at times to meet everyone’s requirements.

What makes us so different? While other centres are teaching all the same programs and all the same style, we have stepped outside the square and revolutionised group fitness.

Kore runs the worldwide renowned Radical fitness Programs. The programs are not only world class they are fresh, innovative, exciting and fun. While other programs are robotic and cannot be  changed, we have the flexibility to adapt each class to satisfy the requirements of each individual. This enables the instructor to teach with many different options so that each and every participant works to the best of their ability.

Our instructors at Kore are fully qualified in the Radical fitness programs, and always keep up to date with all the latest releases. Group fitness at Kore is not just about exercising, our members love the camaraderie, the support and the education they get through the classes from our instructors. You will always have the who, what, why and hows in the class answered as the instructor will always advise you on techniques and biomechanics of the body.

Along with the Radical program we also run our wellness classes. They consist of Yoga, and pilates with fully qualified instructors. These programs are very popular at Kore and loved by all our members. Our wellness instructors will always assist and give you many different options. If you have an injury the instructor will always be aware of it and make sure that you get the best out of your workout.

We run with our wellness classes 6 days a week and all different time slots so that everyone can participate.

Our Aqua classes run 3 days a week and enjoyed in a fantastic 25 metre pool. The water is always at 32 degrees and the workout is amazing without any strain on the joints.  Our instructors are fun and motivating, incorporating both weights and cardio in a 45 minute class.

There are many benefits of group fitness,

: It can help you move past the plateau stage
: Motivation- Pace of the class makes the time fun, along with the energy from the instructor makes you forget your working hard.
: Trying something different, this challenges both your mind and body two things that ward off stress and the effects of aging.
: Working out in a group provides support, accountability and structure.

Our Radical Classes are the following:

Ubound- Jumping on a mini trampoline this is a high cardio low impact class which benefits the lymphatic system, favouring toxin release.

X55- 55 minutes of extreme energy, providing participants with the ideal workout for fat burning and maximum definition. Ultimate workout for fitness, and working the larger muscle groups.

Top ride- The best indoor cycling program that offers 3 different formats.  It is a 45 min aerobic training program which is fun, varied and motivating.

Power- The best barbell program ever.  It has specifically designed to offer 4 x individual class formats. Every class is different and it offers goals such as stamina, strength, toning of the muscles and the potential to burn calories.

Kimax- Is practised with an exclusively designed standing bag. Rounds introduce boxing, Muay Thai, and kick boxing techniques through simple yet intense and dynamic combinations. Closely resembles contact with a true opponent.

Oxigeno- Built on the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga this exercise program will help you enhance your flexibility and mobility through a series of harmonious and flowing movements that are intimately connected with breathing.

FF kettle bell- 30 min class for those with hectic lifestyles to achieve real and fast results in terms of physical conditioning, fat burning and muscle toning.

FF TRX- 30 min class using the TRX bands, this class well help you shape and tone every muscle group in your body. Great combination with the 30 min kettle bell class.

Whatever your flavour or needs, chances are you will find it in one of our Group Fitness classes. So come on down to Kore and see why our classes are by far the best.

Would love to see you in the Fitness room,

All the best Effie,

Fitness Director/Group Fitness Manager


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