Personal Training


Personal training packages are tailored to suit every individual, designed to make everyone feel comfortable coming into our facility. Come on your own, bring a friend or organize a group it is a unique training experience that gives you the attention to detail and support you need when motivation can be a little difficult or you’re looking for a hard Kore workout. Set in one of our private studios upstairs or on the gym floor every client has their very own tailored program to suit themselves, their program is closely monitored and they are guided, pushed where needed and supervised by one of our qualified trainers. This ensures you stay on track and never give in, the trainer will push you to your limits and the session will be dynamic and very specific to the individual. These sessions run for 30min and you can organise as many as you want per week. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete – your program will be personally devised to suit your needs and help achieve your fitness goal.

Special Conditions:
30 Day written notice required for Cancellation. Cancellation within the minimum term incurs fees as per terms and conditions.

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