Alvin GC
Conquer that last hill! Push till there’s lactic acid burnin’ every muscle…lovin’ every moment! sweat drippin’, heart thumpin’! background music pumpin’! CYCLE!!!

Amy Rich
Love coming in for my workouts! Kore has a great community feel to it and the staff are lovely.

I started my journey at Kore in January of this year.
I was honored to be asked to be maid of honour for my dear friends wedding which was in May, but at the same time was petrified of being ‘the fat bridesmaid.’ Having given birth in August to my third child in 4 years, I was far from looking or feeling the way I wanted.
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Antoinette Fratangelo
Favourite class is Fight do because it blows the roof off everything else and Effie would have to be the most inspirational start of the art, A class instructor. Been to many centers but this woman with lots of energy, and motivation inspires us all and pushes us to the point of VOMITING……. Good on you Kore….

Bill Middleton
Starting at Kore has made me change my lifestyle (alcohol & diet consumption)
Diet change- smaller portions, leaner meat, and more vegetables, less alcohol- resulting in weight loss.
What I like about Kore besides being close to home it has Great variety of equipment and I love getting through your routines without waiting.
The staff are very friendly and I was impressed by the way the instructor “Mark” set up my routine, ringing my doctor to check out 1st hand the best routine for my health and age.

KORE Wellness is the gym to join. It is an amazing environment, from management, staff, equipment to the unreal Radical Fitness program they offer. Also, I can’t forget to mention the amazing kore bubs program which I, myself definitely take advantage of and utilize regularly. You guys are amazing with the children.
My strength, endurance, and fitness is all thanks to my personal Trainer Effie, the group fitness manager at KORE Wellness, whom I PT with once a week and the amazing classes I undertake.
Thanks to all at KORE, you guys are unreal!!!

Christine  Miliopoulos
KORE experience: My journey began November 2011. So far I have lost 46kgs which has improved my life and helped me to feel good about myself again. To help me on this great journey I joined this fantastic gym KORE in Feb 2012 which has helped my successfully lose so much weight; the wonderful staff designed a program for me to do and help me when I need it. All the staff are really friendly, fantastic and helpful making it a good experience every time I go. As a result of me going to the gym everyday my 7 year old son has fallen in love with the gym also. He is doing the kids program and has lots of fun doing it. It is great that they do things for the kids also.

Coco Ash Hair – 5 star
Awesome class tonight (top ride ) killer tracks and a killer ride ! Legs are burning but all worth it !!! Trainers are quality and overall a comfortable and motivating gym xxxx

Daniel Veneziano
Overall Kore is great! The workers always greet me when I come in and I am getting results which is what I want. 58kgs when started (roughly 2 hours per week) 82kgs currently (5 days a week)
I’ve focused mainly on mass and muscle build, my cardio has slowed a bit but i work on that at soccer. I can now lift 10-15kgs more than I could when I started and achieved 280kgs on the leg press!
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John Huggard
Kelly just wanted to say how much I appreciate being a member of Kore.
Since joining Kore I have added a few kilo’s of muscle, I feel great and enjoying life a lot more with a new level of fitness.
I appreciate how you and your staff manage the business , always friendly and willing to help or just make people feel welcome by having a chat.
You’re lucky you have a great team.

LachieMissy Kotevski
Although I have not done alot of classes the one I enjoy is the A.B.T Class…..EFFIE is a real inspiration, she pushes you to the limits at the same time makes it fun so you keep coming back for more…..Its been a while since I’ve had a work out, and that’s exactly what you do in that class…..EFFIE you rock 😀

Leisha Vann
For the past 8 weeks I have participated in the New You Challenge at Kore and I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to increase their fitness level, improve their strength, loose kilos as well as centimeters. I trained with a wonderful group of trainers and a fun bunch of ladies. My personal trainer Evan was awesome and was very supportive and made me achieve things I thought were impossible for me. I enjoyed the variety of the program the dedication of our trainers and what I was able to achieve.

Marilyn Canet
I lost several kilo’s and loads of cm’s and best of all Improved quality of life through increased fitness & mobility & more positive outlooks.
Kore is well equipped, bright & kept immaculately clean.
As a senior member the social atmosphere it is fantastic especially when a few of us get together for a cup of tea following a workout.
Members are friendly Staff are wonderful, friendly, helpful & supportive- always greeting with a smile.
I just love this place!

Matthew Maimo
2 years ago I noticed and was told I was getting a little too big for my age, and that if I didn’t change many issues could of risen. I was unfit, unhealthy and hated doing physi-cal activity. A good friend of mine showed me to kore wellness and ever since then I have worked my but off, I’m Just showing everybody how far I’ve come into transform-ing my lifestyle into becoming a better and healthier me. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into making a change and it’s all paid off!
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Melissa Buhagiar Chirico
As much as I like everyone in this gym as they all help u in different ways, there is one instructor who I feel pushes me to the max and I feel like I get a pt in a class and that would have to be Effie . I love all the classes but my fav would have to be fight do…

Michelle McKean
Omg too many things I could write, had so many experiences and love all classes. Best experience – Fight do training!!! Now shadowing / learning from a BRILLIANT instructor , surrounded by passionate participants & friends, doing something I truly love – nothing better!!

Natalie K
Years before joining Kore I was diagnosed with a Facet joint disorder and suffered from ongoing disc problems as well as sciatica. I was constantly in chronic pain and there wasn’t a day that went by without me relying on strong pain killers.
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Norma Isunza
I’m pretty happy!!! Because my son Ariel enjoyed his swimming lesson with Ashley, and his Allergy to the clorine it’s gone! You have the best pool ever.

Rachel Paradowski
I just love everything about Kore, service with a smile from the moment you walk in the door, the staff, the members, to all the classes, cannot be more happier with everything… Best gym I have ever been too.. Thanks Kore

Tondra Taylor
Best favourite class is Tuesday morning spin. Great teacher, great music & clean facilities. Great way to start the day!

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