AnitaI started my journey at Kore in January of this year.
I was honored to be asked to be maid of honour for my dear friends wedding which was in May, but at the same time was petrified of being ‘the fat bridesmaid.’ Having given birth in August to my third child in 4 years, I was far from looking or feeling the way I wanted.
I was sitting next door at the play center with a friend who is a long time member of Kore and thought I would ask her a few questions about the gym, her response was ‘you will love it.’ I was a bit skeptical as I had joined gyms in the past and far from loved them. We set off to the gym so I could have a chat and look around. I clearly remember Tony asking me what my goal was for the wedding (which was 4 months away), I told him that I would love to lose 20kg, but that was probably unrealistic! He looked at me and told me it wasn’t, with a lot of hard work I could definitely do it.
He was right, I lost 24kg and countless centimeters by the wedding!!!!!
Words can’t explain how amazing the team at Kore are, I honesty would never be where I am now without them. Never once was I made to feel self conscious walking into the gym, no matter what size I was.
The support from ALL the trainers/group fitness instructors is phenomenal. Always giving advice and support which is a massive bonus when trying to reach your goals. But most of all the knowledge, support and dedication from my beautiful PT Virginia is what got me here. Twice a week Virginia would push me to to my limits to help me achieve my goals. Sharing so much knowledge about nutrition, she has completely made me change my diet and the way I look at food. Her support and encouragement is out of this world, and as I often tell her, I could never have done this without her, she is just amazing!!!! And after a little over 4 months of training with her twice a week, she is still able to push me to the point of feeling like I’m about to be sick. She never disappoints!
I honestly am now a new person, this is a whole lifestyle change for me and my family, even my husband has now joined Kore.
I have now lost 28kg and feel amazing! But most of all I love that my 3 beautiful boys love the fact that mummy goes gym and has so much more energy to play with them. I finally feel like I am being a positive role model for them when it comes to health and nutrition.
Kore isn’t just a gym, it’s like a big family, with endless support from staff and members!